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Artist statement  

It’s a mash. 

Imagery and Moving shapes on a canvas. 

Abstract or figurative, painted or printed, doesn’t really seem to matter anymore. 

The certain rules/ characteristics /boundaries connected to the medium of painting. 

Think about the one-sided approach, the square of the canvas or the analogue attitude.  

These for me are a starting point of a dance with the medium. 

I challenge these constraints, play with them. 

It’s the role of the jester. 

We look to the rules and play with them. 

Make fun of them. 

Poking, prodding, swirling around. 

A jump here and summersault there. 

But always do this in front of the subject itself. 

In this case painting. 

It's a role that involves a precarious balancing of freedom and constraint. 

It's also not a new role. 

Painting has always been challenged by artists to define its characteristics. 

Never to ridicule painting. 

It’s a homage. 

Like Isabelle Graw wrote in ‘The Love of Painting’ (2018: 90): “Rather, by breaking with a series of traditional ideas of painting, Stella’s work tends to strengthen painting, painting understood as a changing and specific formation.”  

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